Joseph Scrimshaw is a writer, comedian, and actor currently based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

As a “geek flavored” comedian, he’s performed at CONvergence, San Francisco SketchFest, H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, Chicago Improv Festival, and more.

As a writer, he’s currently working with John Kovalic’s Dork Storm Press developing Dr. Blink for movies and television.  Joseph has also written for RiffTrax, and the national sketch comedy TV show M@dAbout.

Joseph operates a theater company in the Twin Cities called Joking Envelope. His plays, ADVENTURES IN MATING, AN INCONVENIENT SQUIRREL, and MY MONSTER (written with Bill Corbett) have played in New York, Seattle, Orlando, Dallas, Las Vegas, the UK, Bulgaria, Peru, and the middle of the Caribbean Sea for Jonathan Coulton’s JoCoCruiseCrazy.

Joseph also plays the drums and enjoys watching his wife knit.

“The Cirque Du Soleil of Minneapolis Comedy” – The Onion AV Club
“Artist of the Year” – City Pages
“Hilarious with a whiff of danger” – Seattle Post-Intelligencer


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